Sunday, January 22, 2012

Old Dusty Books...

there's something about them...and their old yellowed pages.

A very old 1800's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

I love searching for old dusty, musty books at estate sales, thrift shops and yard sales. I'm  most fond of children's books; I love the sweet pen and ink drawings in them.  I often wonder about the children that owned these books and where these books have been... oh the stories they could tell!
At an estate sale we were searching a room full of books... there was an elderly lady in the room with us... she over heard us talking about which type of books we were hoping to find. She said to me "Here's an old book!" handing me the Alice's Adventure... Wow! We purchased it for fifty cents.

It's not in the greatest condition by far... but sometimes rarity out-weighs condition. Part of the fun of collecting old books is looking up the value on the internet. This book is one that leaves us scratching our heads... Brad and I have spent hours searching for anything like our copy on the Internet; we found nothing.  But that could be a good thing... a very good thing. We're making an appointment soon to have an expert look at it. Hopefully he'll be able to shed some light on it.

Here's another head scratcher...A.A. Milne's When We Were Very Young... no copy date. 
We've found some copies of this design but not this color combination. Another book we'll have looked at.

An old Mother Goose

Rabbit Hill by Robert Lawson

I love the animal art in this book.

Collecting books is something Brad and I enjoy doing together. Spending a Saturday afternoon sorting through piles of old dusty books... looking for gems. 


Anonymous said...

Oh yes, we are big on collecting old books in this house. If I see a book from roughly 1965 or earlier at the thrift shop, I buy it. At only a dollar, I really can't go wrong!

Tammy said...

WOW!!! You picked up some amazing finds. Do us a favor and let us know how much these are worth when you find out, ok?

Project Tara said...

I wish old books could add their owners' stories to the ones they were originally published to hold. These are all so cool. And I love the way you describe the process of finding them and estimating their worth. Brad and Anet: Book Detectives. :-)

Anet said...

Wendy, sometimes I wonder why I do it... they make me sneeze:)


Will do Tammy:)


It's not easy finding something Brad and I like to do together...well, uh,hum... besides the obvious;)
Anyways, he's into sports and I'm into art. But we both like old things:) Good thing, because we're both getting old.