Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Need For Nature...

Nature altar... a place to be quiet. 

Why is it that a bird's nest, a pine cone, a pretty rock can make me feel peaceful, happy and hopeful?
Why can these things; found in nature, feel like church to me?
Why is it that when it's been much too long since I've walked the woods, do I feel so-out-of-sorts?
Why is it when I see a hawk, an eagle, or an owl; I feel as if I just saw a spiritual being?

When I was growing up, my backyard led up to a wooded area... my own little forest. I spent countless hours out there: exploring, collecting, wandering and thinking up in my tree spot. My friends and I played many fun games in the woods. Everyone had a case of posion ivy at one time or another, except for me.

My dad use to tell me that I should live in a tree.  I held a protest when the tree in our front yard was about to be cut down. It took my dad over a hour to pry my arms from it's trunk. My protest and tears was in vain... it was chopped down.  

Now that I'm older, I wish I had my own little forest again. When we move from this house... my #1 must-have for a new house will be; my own little forest.   But for now, I'll have to settle for my nature altar, my yard, and frequent trips to the nature areas for a nice long walk. The only thing in nature that I don't appreciate are mosquitos. I know, I know; they have their purpose.


Sharon said...

In this we are definitely alike! It's amazing how a walk in the woods can just put everything into perspective. It's almost as if it's cleansing or church should be, or is for some, i don't know(?).
You can definitely keep your mosquitoes. We don't have many here but I remember as a kid getting eaten alive in the summer!

Project Tara said...

Yes! Sometimes my husband and I go to the nature center on Sunday mornings (when everyone else is at church) and hand-feed the birds. We call it our church. There is nothing to restore the soul like standing in the morning stillness, hands outstretched, and having a chickadee land on your hand and look you right in the eye. The mosquitos...hmmm... maybe they are there to teach patience, or focus... or maybe they are just bat food. ;-)

Anet said...

Sharon and Tara,

Whew! I thought I was a little on the nutty side:) Glad to see I'm in good company!

Must be amazing to have a chickadee eating from your hand. I'd love that:)

Jessica said...

Nature is very much the same for me, being away from it for too long is like being without oxygen.Its healing and calming and insperational.If you can get some woods whenever you move do so, if that is the place that is "home" for you.For us its the sea, I can not imagine being too far from it.

Lisa said...

I so agree Anet. Sometimes I must be in nature. Like my favorite redwood forest. It soothes me and fills me up.

Missed you!