Monday, January 2, 2012

Ruby Roo Approved!

This morning Ruby and I made some homemade peanut butter, whole wheat and oats dog treats...
She helped by gobbling up the dough crumbs that dropped on the floor. A good sign she'll like them, but then again... she's not too picky.
Ruby waiting for her treats to bake... they smelled the house up like peanut butter cookies.

I found some cute bone shaped cutters:)  I'm going to try some beef and chicken flavored also.

On the larger bones, I pressed some words with ink stamp letters. I wrote; Ruby, Love and Woof.

I think she likes them... tail wagging good!  
Noah just came down the stairs, sniffing the air... "Mmm.... what smells so good?" ... walks into kitchen... "What? DOG TREATS!"


Project Tara said...

You are such a good mama, Anet.
I think those treats sound pretty good myself! :-)

Tammy said...

She's such a pretty dog. And I got a kick out of Noah wondering what smelled so good! ;)

Anet said...

I wanted to taste one so I took a bite out of one. Which would of been okay, but like a dummy I wasn't thinking... duh, I'm allergic to wheat!
But all was fine, not enough in the little bite to hurt me. Tasted pretty blah though... not like a peanut butter cookie. But Ruby sure loves them:)


Thanks Tammy, she is a pretty girl:) I was thinking some sweet littel red bows for her... Caleb had a fit about that! ;)
Poor Noah, no goodies for him. I should make him some cookies tomorrow.

Project Tara said...

Pesky wheat! I'm glad it wasn't enough to cause a reaction. But seriously, add a cup of sugar and some vanilla and you'll have Noah treats. ;-)
Kisses to Ruby... she has the sweetest face.