Friday, December 30, 2011

Thoughtful Gifts...

from friends and family...
Noah's gifts... Alfred Hitchcock puzzle, which is really hard because we have no clue what the puzzle picture is! But we're working on it.
A pin-hole camera, guess who gave that to him:) and a soda can robug. 
He also got some other great things from his mom and dad... The complete Harry Potter series, Percy Jackson series, Skullcandy headphones, lots of clothes,pj's, gloves, boots and movies. NO video games!  Oh shoot, that's not completely true, I did sign him up for an online membership for one of his gifts.

Now Brushy has a new friend; Bumble Pop

Autumn is so great finding the perfect gifts for me. A lovely antique radio... now I have three.

Over-the-top with cuteness! Two vintage pair of salt & pepper shakers.
The ones I REALLY wanted but thought I'd never find!

The tag on this gift said from: Autumn, Kevin and Alice May... I was in tears before I opened it.
This side of the pendent, a photo of my mom

and on this side a flower made with my mom's hair.
Autumn found an Etsy artist that makes memorial jewelry.
She had trimmed her grandma's hair before she left for hospice.
Thoughtful gifts... much loved.


Anonymous said...

I'm huge on puzzles and would love something like that. Where did you find that? I want one!

Ooh, Skullcandy headphones are so cute. ^.^ I look at them longingly each time I walk past them in the BX. Heh.

What a lovely pendant! That is definitely a thoughtful gift.

Anet said...

I'm not sure... our tennant Madcat bought it for him on the internet.
You may find it if you google it.

The headphones were 60 percent off one day on eBay:) He got the really nice thick padded ones... with very cool graphics, skeletons surfing, I do believe:)

Hope you had a nice Christmas/Yule Wendy:)

Sharon said...

I'm so humbled by the pendant. It truly embodies the meaning of a real gift.

Anonymous said...

I am Googling away!

Oh yes, we had a lovely holiday week, thank you. It was very quiet. :)

Tammy said...

Wow, these are all such thoughtful gifts...what fun each must have been to open. :)

Project Tara said...

Such sweet and thoughtful gifts... all of them. That pendant is absolutely priceless.
We're working on a tough puzzle too -- MC Escher's Up and Down -- the crazy-hard puzzle seems to be a holiday tradition.

Ann said...

That is an amazing pendant.