Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Dragon's Aerie

Noah is grown so much since I've started blogging. He loves to read and create stories.  I don't like saying he "wants" to be a writer when he grows up, because he already is a writer:) So this is how he'd like to make a living someday. There is much to learn yet. So he's started his own blog. This time without any help from me. He chose the design, changed fonts and colors. Figured out how to upload photos and how to use all the gadgets. Another of his passions is to build and create things on the computer... codes and stuff. 
He'd love to invite any of my friends and their kids that would like to visit his blog. The link is below the photo above and on my sidebar. 
 He is using his blog to write reviews on games and books. Also to publish some stories that he writes.  He's taking a creative writing class right now with the author Renee Hand. He's really liking it.  Plus, the blog will be a great add-on for a portfolio for him. Something we're going to be working on, putting together a portfolio of his work from here on.


Sharon said...

Very cool. Zoe has a blog too but she won't let me link to it from mine. It's her "private" space and is supposed to be "mom free".

Anet said...

yeah... I can understand that. Just like it's best that Caleb and myself are not fb friends:)

Project Tara said...

Congratulations on your new venture Noah! I love the blog name you chose.