Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Things I do...

Sometimes being a homeschool mom means doing some... well, lets say... strange things. I'm teaching a co-op class for our homeschool group called Amazing Mummies. We started last week. We talked about the different kinds of mummies and then focused on man-made mummies and the mummifying process. We are mummifying two Cornish hens; Nefertweety and Tutancluck. 

So now I have two chicken's mummifying in my basement.

I had to change the salt today and was worried about how it was going to smell. But it wasn't too bad...
smelled like... chicken:)

You can see that the chickens are drying out nicely by the darkish color.  Next week's class we'll be making barbie/doll mummies while our little chicken friends here keep mummifying.
(this has got to be the ugliest photo I've ever posted!)

I've made a blog for my students if you'd like to check it out at


Crescent Moon said...

I remember when Tammy's daughter was doing this project. I thought it was a great experiment, but I never tried it. I think I'll just admire you moms, who are brave enough to try this, from a distance.

Project Tara said...

Brave mama and great teacher! Because you know I totally would have sent Tweety and Cluck home with two student volunteers and let their parents handle it. (Boo on me, I know.) I'm guessing you'll win the cool mom-teacher award hands-down! :-) Sounds like a great class.

Anet said...


Tammy is my inspiration! When she did this project with her daughter I was so excited to try it someday.



heh... I thought about that, but with having to change the salt a few times between classes, I thought I'd better keep them here.
Thank you for the cool mom-teacher comment:) don't know about that... but it's a nice thought:)

Tammy said...

It never did really get too stinky...I was super surprised. You guys are going to wrap them, too when they are mummified? Can't wait to see how they turn out!

P.S. Did the kids have fun?

Anet said...

Oh yeah... the wrapping is the fun part:)
The kids seemed to enjoy the class... I was a bit worried they'd know more than me about mummies, we have some pretty smart kids in our group. But I think I actually taught them a thing or two. Which made me happy:)

Sharon said...

Very cool! I can't wait to see them wrapped.