Friday, March 16, 2012

Great Depression Cooking

The Great Depression is near and dear to my heart. My parents grew up during the depression. I loved to hear their stories of how their families made do and pulled together during the tough times.
Growing up with depression era parents was an experience; they were thrifty to say the least. Never wasted anything, spent their money carefully and was into gardening and putting up food. This knowledge of can-do was very helpful during the recession of the 70's, when my father's factory he worked at closed. We pulled through with lots of depression meals and hardy parents that knew what to do. My mom found part-time work at a thrift store and I remember very well our thrift store Christmas.

 I found these adorable Great Depression Cooking videos with a sweet 95 year old lady named Clara, teaching depression era cooking. I love her!

I can remember swimming at my Aunt Mary's pool in the summer eating lemon Italian ice. The Great Depression: simple, natural, good, down to earth cooking.


Tammy said...

We loved the Cooking With Clara videos so much that we bought her DVD, lol! She's just so dang cute. :)

Anet said...

She is a doll:)
I've been spending a lot of time watching her youtube videos... she makes me miss my mom.

Project Tara said...

It's so interesting to look at vintage cooking in general. I get a charge out of some of the recipes/directions. And you are right, there are usually some helpful tips in there as well. My mom grew up during WWII and she never wasted ANYTHING when I was a kid... even wiped down the aluminum foil, folded it and put it in a drawer to use again.

Jessica said...

Its good to see these ideas getting back out there. In this day and age we are too reliant on take away and supermarkets. There is nothing like good home cooking and a veggie patch