Monday, March 12, 2012

Learning about Maple Sap Collecting...

Noah trusting one of  his best friends with a hammer.

Yes! We have sap!

Careful... that bucket is full!

Pouring the sap... don't waste a drop!

The turkeys were wondering what was all the commotion about.

Lovely March day... it's Autumn's birthday.

A red beauty at the feeders.

Trail to the sugar maples.

Homeschoolers learning about sap flow.

Tools for tapping.

The sap was really running today!

Ahh... does the soul good!

A visual... it takes 40 gallons of sap to make one gallon of syrup.
Now we know why it cost so much!


tiff said...

no doubt...i love that visual with the gallon containers.

rick's grandfather had his own maple sugar bush...rick has great memories of sap collecting with crazy! when his grandfather was alive we would get a gallon of maple syrup from his trees every year...we miss the syrup and his grandfather!

looks like a good day in the sugar bush!!!! enjoy the syrup!

Project Tara said...

That looks so fun!

I agree with Tiff, the visual with the gallon containers is great. Expensive or not, nothing beats real maple syrup.

Anet said...

That's incredible Tiff... sap collecting with oxen... ah, the good ole' days:) What great memories for Rick!


Noah is a maple syrup nut!!! He loves it on his vanilla ice cream:)
We were surprised at how easy it is to tap the trees. Maybe someday when I get my own "little woods" (dreaming) there will be some maples to tap:)

Sharon said...

Very cool! I've never done that or seen it done so that was a great post.

Oh, and Happy Birthday Autumn!!!