Sunday, June 24, 2012

Home is where your heart is...

I've been really busy lately so here's an update for you. 

Love Nest...

 Autumn and Kevin are just a few steps away from buying their first home together. She's so excited and so am I!  It has so much room that she'll have a big beautiful studio space, two pin-up rooms (clothes, accessories, hair, make-up, props) and her own office!  Also Kevin will have his own space in the old house/garage in the back of this home for his printing business!   I'm guessing it was the first house on the property and the people built this one toward the front of the property.  The best part that I love is that it's only a few minute drive from me... I could ride my bike there with no problem! 

Homeschool Co-op

I've been helping with our homeschool co-op classes getting things planned and organized for this fall... yep, we have to plan ahead!  Our dear friend Patti who usually does our planning/organizing has been diagnosed with colon cancer early this month; she had her surgery to remove the tumor on Friday. We're jumping in and helping out while she takes care of her health.  I pray everything goes well for her, she such a sweet person and a wonderful mom! 

A few things I've learned while taking the reins from Patti:  
1. Patti is superwoman!  Two years, Patti has done most of this herself and I have our friend Beth A. helping me... it's hard work!  
2. You can't please everyone,  hehh... 
3. I'd better pull up my boots cause the complaint dept. is OPEN for business! 
4. Keep the kids interest at number one... it's about them, not the adults. 
5. A few select parents that are going to be a pain in the butt! What's new, right? 
6. Everyone else is appreciative and willing to go out of their way for the kids. Thank goodness:)  
7. Although it's a lot of work; you get really excited about the upcoming classes. The kids are going to have some amazing choices this fall! 
8. We have amazing teachers and parents that really care about the kids education and having fun with it. They are homeschoolers;  it better be fun! 

Your Home is Your Castle! 

We've had a security system installed in our home.  It's wonderful!  We even have a camera that we can view anytime from our phones.  We have police, fire and emergency medical at the push of a button. We have a fancy new smoke detector, a motion detector and push button entry code for the door. 

 Free equipment that's ours to keep forever, $99 activation, and it's about $44 a month fee.  We've been wanting to look into this for sometime now... there's been quiet a few break-ins lately.  They came to us to be an advertisement house because: Our house is on a corner; it's big, it's a nice house and the yard is nice...laughing... this is what  the guy said,  not us.  
Oh and we get two yard signs and window stickers... I asked if we could just have those, but no we really had to get the whole system. 
  We are safe. 
I'll feel better when leaving Noah here by his self, when we leave for the day and when we go on vacations. Not to mention sleeping better at night!  I can point the camera at Ruby's kennel when we leave for part of the day and check on how she's doing!  We can program everything from our phones... we're adding lights we can turn on and off from the phones soon.   I'm happy!    

The jam is made, the garden is growing... Caleb moved back...sigh... getting things around and planned for vacation... sunburned back... grrr...  Bought a bunch of coconut oil and coconut oil capsules...yay.... here's a great coconut oil blog link for you...

Peace, love and grooviness! 


Su said...

Coconut oil is what we use on Yehva's hair! It's also supposed to be super-good to pop popcorn in but I haven't tried that yet.

I love Autumn's stuff. It's such a treat having it show up in my Facebook feed.

Project Tara said...

So many great things manifesting for you and your family, Anet! It looks like Autumn and Kevin found the perfect house... and the list of things relating to the homeschool co-op made me laugh. I know the two woman who organize two different co-ops and it looks like some things are universal. ;-) Sending healing energy to your friend as she travels her cancer journey, and holding visions of her as strong, healthy and 100% well.

Ann M said...

I know you are referring to me in lesson 5 aren't you!

Anet said...

Thanks Su, I'm glad you are enjoying Autumn's work.


Yes Tara, things really are universal, aren't they? :)
Thank you for healing energy for Patti.

LOL Ann... no, you're pain in the butt for other reasons but not that one. You are #6 and #8:)
Oh... how I love you!