Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Farmer's Market

I made a yummy veggie stir-fry with my farmer's market hall.  Love the garlic braid and I ran into a few friends to boot!


Local, fresh, organic foods. All part of our new "plan" to eat a plant based diet with a little meat here and there.  Yes, we watched another food documentary...sheesh!  Forks Over Knives...  watch it if you haven't! 


Lisa said...

We are trying to eat less meat. So much easier in the summer. There's a new farmer's market 3 blocks from my house on Tuesdays. Can't wait to try it!!

Anet said...

That's great Lisa! This one is just a few blocks from us. I really enjoy it. There are also beautiful bouquets of flowers at ours, but I didn't treat myself this time.

It made so much sense to us, when this documentary (Forks Over Knives) mentioned that in China; they use meat as more of a flavor enhancer to the meal. They eat much more vegetables and grains and just a bit of meat.

A friend told me that it's important for people with O-type blood to have some meat in their diets (that's me.)

Wishing you well!

Project Tara said...

I loved Forks Over Knives, too, and made the fam watch it with me. Such beautiful produce from your market. What did you make with it? I'm not sure if I could cut into the garlic braid... it's so pretty!

Anet said...


The first night I made a stir-fry... with only a little bit of chicken in it served with brown rice.

Today, we had a skillet fried potatoes, zucs, onions, garlic, mushrooms and pepper from our garden in olive oil with some Italian spices. Yum!

That garlic braid was only $2... what a deal! We eat tons of garlic; it's the Italian in me:)

tiff said...

gosh i wish my garden would produce all that yumminess...guess i would have to plant it...smiles! and our farmers market is outrageous...ugh!

as for forks over knives...we have wanted to watch it, but i think rick is a bit nervous, as he really does enjoy eating meat...however i would be content not eating any of it...not one bit.

Jessica said...

We finally made it back to ours yesterday, sometimes its not easy getting up early.i also try to eat as little animal products as possible,i always feel so much better for it! Yesterday we found lots of late winter things like raab, rappine, baby leeks, kohlrabi and more.Roast root veggies and raab/rappine stirfry tonight:)