Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ready or not...

It's been awhile... I've been spending loads of time trying to figure out how to live on a 1/4 of our usual income. Brad is not getting called back to work as of now. 
He'll be trying for a position at MSU in February, until then... 
we just hang it there and work on plan C if plan B fails.  
 Christmas is sneaking up on me. 
I think the horrible tragedy in Newtown has us all in a daze. 
It's so sad to think of the presents that should be under the tree for those beautiful children. 
God bless their families and the families of the teachers and staff.  
I've been giving Noah loads of extra hugs and kisses the past few days.
 And feeling blessed that we homeschool.

 So I'm trying hard to catch up on some of our simple/inexpensive Christmas traditions. 
Like making white chocolate, peppermint bark. 
As for the sugar cookies and strawberry cookies, we'll be going without them this year.
We've had a few Christmas Angels and surprises for our family... we are so blessed and grateful!
I almost forgot our Winter Solstice's candle. I started it tonight. It's in the freeze now. 
I hear snow is headed our way, maybe that will help with the Christmas cheer.

Right now the tree and mantle are glowing in warm colors, the house smells like Christmas.
I picked up some Better Homes and Gardens scented wax cubes
 ($2 for 6 cubes) for my electric scent warmer.
 Warm Crackling Campfire is the name of the scent I chose, 1 cube is scenting the entire house. 
It smells like pine trees, cranberry and touch of cinnamon...  it smells like Christmas.
It was a treat for myself to pick up something that was not a necessity... 
I figure at $2 eh... what the heck it's Christmas!


Project Tara said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family, Anet. You are such a dear friend -- I'm holding your family close in my heart and hoping Plan C and MSU come through for Brad. <3

Anet said...

Thank you so much Tara, you made our holiday bright!

Plan C... is Brad traveling away to work in another state. Not the best plan but it's an option. We're really hoping for MSU or the tiny chance that his old job will call him back in the spring.

Project Tara said...

I'm glad he has that option but, you are right, it's not the greatest (we've been there, done that). Hang in, my friend, the tide will turn. In the meantime, if Brad's work brings him near Akron/Wadsworth, he's always welcome for a home-cooked meal and a free place to stay. :-)