Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Blessings From my Family...

Mother's Day was wonderful... my family is so sweet. 
 Here are some of the beautiful, thoughtful gifts I received from them.

Impatience from the hubby...

A beautiful Azalea plant from Autumn and Kevin... also a very cute vintage children's craft book. 
And one gift she ordered online that hasn't come yet...hmmm?  

I love this vase from Caleb! It's quiet large, it will hold loads of flowers. 
 Also he got me a really nice chef's knife. 

Ashley... (Caleb's girlfriend, whom I adore!)  gave me this fun elephant mug for my coffee:) 
Also she made me two bracelets, which are adorable. Sadly... I lost one walking Ruby;(  sigh. 

 Brad also mowed the grass, cut branches and chopped out 4 ugly bushes that took up a quarter of the backyard on Mother's day for me.  I'm excited to have more backyard for some homesteading projects!

Here's our mushrooms on day one! 

The day was bittersweet, loved my family and had a great day with them. 
But missed my mom, my first Mother's day without her... it was a little rough. 

Hope you all enjoyed yourselves on Mother's day too!


Jessica said...

Those first holidays after losing someone can be really hard, its a time of adjustment as much as of celebration <3 Down here it was really a non event I guess with not to much emphasis. The girls made some lovely cards though, and i got chocies (which one little girl promptly ate for me ~ it was rather funny!).

Project Tara said...

I think Jessica's first sentence says it beautifully. I hope you allowed yourself some time to grieve a little along with the all the celebrations. Your gifts are so lovely and thoughtful. You have such a sweet family.