Monday, May 28, 2012

Our Long Weekend...

I've had my brother here visiting me for the past two weeks.  On Saturday we drove him back home; two and a half hours up-north back to my sister Deb's house... way out in the boonies!  
We had a nice visit with family and wonderful food to eat. Sunday we woke to the worst thunderstorm... very scary. But later it cleared and we headed back home. 
Monday we surprised Noah with a trip to the Mayfaire Renaissance Festival about an hours drive from here. We wouldn't tell Noah where we were headed. He was so surprised when we pulled in to the festival parking area. 

We paid to have Noah jailed... 

Oh yeah... he's having fun now?

After about 10 minutes, they let him out of the cell but he had to go before the judge.  Noah was smart and pleaded guilty to the charges; whining!  His sentence; to sing and perform the Happy Unicorn song and dance up on stage. If he would of pleaded innocent, he would of been but in the stockade where wet sponges would of been thrown at his face... and he would of still had to do the Happy Unicorn song. 

A noble steed indeed! 

These guys must of felt like canned hams... 90 plus degrees out!  

Brad bought his lady a beautiful purple rose... and it matched my dress so well! 

Our treasures from the faire;  Noah's loves his dagger and I love my tree of life necklace and rose. 
  Brad has jury duty this week... ugh!  Noah and I have a bunch of homeschooling things to do... classes and   two field trips, I think... I guess I'd better check the calendar.

 Hope your weekend was good!
The worst part of my weeekend was someone (Brad)
 sneezed a mouth full of chewed up cheeseburger all over me... sigh.
 Happy Memorial day to you all! 


tiff said...

WOW! This looks like a great way to spend the long weekend...i would have loved to have seen a video clip of Noah doing the happy unicorn dance...that is awesome!

love all your vibrant and happy photos!!!!
hugs to you and your family!

Ann M said...

Aaaa-aaaa-aaaa-chew! LOLOL I crack myself up.

I love the necklace. I noticed it today but didn't get a chance to mention it.

Project Tara said...

Mystery trips are so much fun! This one looks extra special. Ok, maybe not the hamburger sneeze... but the rose and the happy unicorn bit for sure. And I love the fabric of your dress -- pretty, pretty!