Saturday, August 11, 2012

Back From Vacation

We had a wonderful vacation... the first 4 days the weather was beautiful. Then it rained steady for the next two days,  so we decided to pack it up and head home early. Everyone was tired of being cooped up with no t.v. or internet service. We did play Apples to Apples, spoons, rummy and such. 
Thursday marked the one year mark since my mom passed. I'm glad I spent it with my sister on vacation. The street that the cottage was on was called Cedar St. Our family home that we grew up in was on a Cedar St. in Lansing.   My mom loved her doughnuts... there just happened to be a doughnut shop on the corner from the cottage. On Thursday morning, Brad bought the family jelly filled doughnuts in honor of  my mom... everyone but myself enjoyed them (allergies.) But I ate a bowl full of cherries, another favorite of my mom. My sister and I both brought along our memorial necklaces that Autumn bought us. We wore them on Thursday.  I can't believe it's been a year already... and then again, it feels like forever. I know she's always with us but it's still very hard. It was a little bittersweet of a week for sure. 

Here's a few highlights from our vacation... 
Noah with his boogie board. 

A freighter going under the Blue Water Bridge to Canada. 

Some cute painted chairs at the cottage. I loved the beachy decor. 

I did a double take at this...
it was about 7:30 in the morning when we spotted this on a roof of a house near the beach. 
I love this person's sense of humor.

Vintage beauty. 

Brad and Noah enjoying the calm lake... a few days there were some nice waves. 

The family relaxing on the deck... Ruby just got back from swimming. 

We stopped at a yard sale and this lady had an 1800's graveyard in her side yard... 
with the most friendly cat! I think I'd like a graveyard with a friendly cat in my yard. 

The Huron Light Ship in service for 91 years as a floating light house. 
It's now a museum.  It's really neat inside. 

This is the live fish cam inside the Huron Light Ship. 
We were told these are sucker fish. They were huge. 

Noah and Miss Ruby enjoying the water. 

Noah at Crazy's Joe's Surf Shack. Where Noah bought his board. 

Ruby relaxing on the beach. 

Our sand castle. 

The very big stairs to the beach, about 40ish steps.  
Yes, I did get a work out. 

Anyone for a Hawaiian Punch? 

Brad and Ruby in the front of the cottage. 
It looks very small but really wasn't too bad inside. 
We had plenty of room. 

Looking south from the stairs. 

Brad and Noah at the Native American Petroglyphs. 

This really fun stone castle around the corner from our cottage. 
It's a summer rental too. 



tiff said...

sorry your trip was cut short...that rain certainly can do it to you! but your photos...oh boy!!! i love them all they tell the story of your trip beautifully!

how sweet of your husband to buy jelly donuts...and what a fabulous place to remember your mom...sweet hugs to you!

Project Tara said...

Mmmm... the nice days you did have look so laid back. I love the vibe of the place. Even with the change in plans due to rain, it looks like a great vacation and the perfect way to honor your mom.

Jessica said...

{{{<3}}} A lovely way to spend your mums memorial, esp eating some of her favourite things! I bet she was watching with approval!

I love that ladies yard.Pretty cool to have a cemerty in your yard, not sure if i would like it personally, but its still cool!A real conversation piece!