Saturday, August 25, 2012


Homeshooling/unschooling... life learning...
It's that time of year again...
I've stopped writing out weekly lesson plans for homeschooling, they worked well when Noah was younger but for the past few years (as he becomes more of an independent learner) the weekly scheduled lessons have flown out the window. They were just becoming a big waste of my time. Now we're happy to relax and take it one day at a time... oh, but there is learning going on all the time; wonderful learning for the both of us!

Co-op classes for fall: Stage Crafting, Medieval Times, Computer Game Design, Writing.
Hopefully archery will start again. He'll be doing tech work for the local family theater; next play is The Giver.  Maybe taking an art class.
We're thinking of starting a Real Life Math group with just a few families joining us. I'm just not sure if I have time to do this with working on planning the Co-op witner classes, teaching a Mixed Media and Altered Art class and starting to work part-time for Autumn.  
Home interest: We've ordered the National Geographic Magazine and the Smithsonian Magazine.  Browsing through these always leads us down paths of interest. 
Building amazing worlds on Minecraft. 
Using writing prompts and book reviews to write on his blog.
I do believe it's time Noah works on some more life skills this fall. So we'll spend some time cooking, cleaning, learning how to work on a household budget and such. 
Loads of library books, documentaries... and I'm going to be looking for a few adventures to throw in here and there.  I hope we have enough to keep us busy~
Have you made your fall homeschool plans yet?


Keri said...

Thanks for sharing your Fall plans! My children are also interested in archery. There is a place not far from us that will be offering classes soon and I have been thinking about signing them up. We also are a base/softball family which keeps us busy, but maybe I can fit that in as well.
For our Fall year we do not have a set schedule either. We use a computer program, Time4Learning. My kids just get on a couple hours, a few days a week, that's it!
Besides that we do interest led learning our kids are into ( unit studies).
Happy Homeschooling :)

Ann said...

I love Smithsonian Magazine, it is one of the few magazines that I feel isn't a waste of my money. When I can read through something in less than an hour, I feel jipped. But I always learn so much from Smithsonian.

Project Tara said...

I always love reading other homeschool plans. Good inspiration and validation that there is no "right" way to homeschool effectively. I have the kiddo enrolled at the co-op. We're doing geography, economics and art at home. After her trip to Europe, she should be able to enroll in the local community college for a class or two. Fingers crossed on that one.

Anet said...

Hi Everyone,

Sorry I like to comment back usually but I've been super busy this past week with helping friends, family and working on homeschool co-op stuff.

Thanks for stopping in Keri. I love interest led learning! Happy Homeschooling to you too:)

Ann, Noah says he'd rather go to Washington, DC to the Smithsonian than to Disney World. :)

When is your kiddo's trip? This fall? So exciting and what a wonderful life experience that will be! You are an awesome mama:)

Amy Jeanroy said...

I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Liebster Award. I enjoy reading your blog, and wanted to spread the word..

Amy J

Jessica said...

Your plans for the coming season sound wonderful and full of adventure even if you dont get up to much more (which isnt likely!).We are just plodding along.We have huge interest in Dr Who from 2 girls right now as well as Lego. TONS of library books, and not that our library is linked with about 20+ others we have more books, dvds, cds, ect then ever! We also have our royal show, the zoo, plenty of beach time, the train museum and then so on the radar.I forgot about the OZ Asia festival too!Spring, LOVE it!

Anet said...

Hello Amy and thank you that's very sweet. I'm up to my neck in moving my daughter into her new house and photography business, homeschool and all... so I don't have time right now for all the fun that goes along with the award. But I really do appreciate it. Sigh... I can't wait for things to slow down.


Hey Jessica,

Happy Spring to you! I like having a homeschooling bloggy friend on the other side of the world:)The OZ Asia Festival sounds so fun!