Friday, September 7, 2012

Moving up...

Wanting to share a few photos of what Autumn and I have been working on the past week.
Shooting space in studio. A new window is going in next week.
 Now she doesn't have to take it all down after each shoot like she did before.

The other end of the studio room... the staging area.

The Sputnik light Brad installed for her in the studio,  
with the new pretty pink walls.
Upstairs Pin-Up room. 
 Clothes, accessories, hair and make-up.
 There will be a full beauty station for hair and make-up at the other end of the room.
 Autumn employs two part-time hair/make-up stylist... they are going to love the station!

Kevin's Gig Cat collection in the hallway upstairs, leading to the pin-up room.
The upstairs has 4 bedrooms and a bathroom. The main floor has a huge living room, huge dinning room (now the studio.) an big eat-in kitchen, a den, a office and a bathroom.  Full basement... which is having a little flooding problem at the moment, ugh!  Hopefully the home warranty they have will cover that.  It's coming along...
One of  Autumn's photos on a cover of a pretty big magazine...Star Maker.
I'm so proud of her.


Project Tara said...

Okay... I left a comment before but it never came through...

It's so fun to see Autumn's work on your blog -- how her passion has turned into an amazing business and how you've supported her along the way.

The new house/studio space is super-cute. Then again, I didn't expect anything less. :-) Will the aqua, black, white and red kitchen be back in this house? It must have been kind of hard to leave that behind after all the work you and Autumn did.

Anet said...

Hi Tara,
Thanks! ;)

She is having ceramic black and white tile floor laid soon. But I think the teal is out. She's going with red, white and pink... I think? She's keeping white cupboards and walls so she can switch out colors and themes. Also she's buying a retro style red refridgerator.

Right now she's sad about leaving the claw foot tub and her bathroom from her old house. She'll be working on one for her new house but it's going to be awhile for that. We're all pretty tired this week. But the house is coming together. Oooo.... wait until I show you her office! It's sweet:)