Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Life's Lemons...

so we've been handed some of life's lemons once again. Brad is laid off for at least 50 working days or more.  Living on a 1/4 of what we usually do will not be easy. The other scary part is that we used to have my mom to pitch in when we've gone through layoffs in the past. We're on our own this time. I'm applying for jobs, Brad is signing up for unemployment and lining up a few little odd jobs here and there. We've been calling our debtors with not much luck. They really don't give a crap about people. Sad....

 I had a brilliant idea of cashing out some money from our life insurance to get us by. Thinking a couple of thousand would do the trick... only to find out we could only take out a much smaller amount. It will help some. We've cut off the home phone and the cable down. Keeping the heat turned down (much to skin and bones Caleb's dismay.) He's now wearing layers.
Funny how lay offs always comes in October.  Our big birthday month...sigh.  The kids are great and tell me not to worry, but I still feel bad.  It's a good thing that the squirrel in me prompted me to stock up on some food and household items last month.  It will hold us over for a few weeks.

Friday, Noah and I were happily watching a documentary about the Statue of Liberty when Brad called from work with the news. I wanted to scream "NO... put your boss on the phone!"  It's funny how life can be turned upside down in a moment.  We thought this layoff  might be coming, only Brad's boss reassured him that it wasn't happening just two weeks ago...  the dummy.

So with the stress of all of this, dealing with Brad over the weekend, he was a little less than a happy camper. I've come down with a horrible cold/flu thing.  heh... whatever.  I just want to hunker down in my house and suck on these lemons that life has handed us for awhile.  Noah says "when life hands you lemons, you squeeze lemon juice into the eyes of life!"  So I'll be holding down the fort and the family together for the next few months. I'll keep remembering there are so many people who are much worse situations than we are. I'll be grateful and thankful for what we have.  We'll pull
through.... like we always do. I think I'll start blogging more...facebooking less... It's really creeping me out lately.

Blessings to all~

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Project Tara said...

Oh Anet, I really wish this wasn't happening to your family again. (Ok, I wish it didn't happen to any family, but especially yours.) ((Hugs)) On the upside, you are so darn creative -- I am always amazed at the things you do to keep everything rolling along during the hard times.
FB creeps me out sometimes too. The other day I left a comment on a friend's post. She was remodeling her bath and trying to decide on tubs and I mentioned walk in tubs for elderly people. The next morning I had an ad for walk in tubs for the elderly in my email. Gives me the willies...
Take care good friend. Sending lots of love.

Gwen Buchanan said...

Sorry to hear this Anet, Hang on. you are one of the most capable people I know!
I'm really new to FB and don't have it down pat at all. Still trying to figure it out..
Hope you're feeling better soon. xo

Tammy said...

Oh Anet...hugs... You will make it through this...hang on my friend. Sending warm and comforting thoughts your way.

P.S. If you need someone to pee on your hubby's boss's lawn, I'll do it. ;)

Anet said...

Thanks Tara... time to tighten the old belt! I spent the whole day making phone calls and looking things up on the internet. I think... I think... I've got October's bills figured out and we'll be okay. But November will take some more brain power. I'll deal with that later.

That is creepy or maybe they just think you're getting old;)


Thanks Gwen, my very first blog friend! You are such a dear:)


Oh Tammy... you made me laugh; thank you!!!!!!!!!! I'll send you his address;)

tiff said...

i just want you to know that you are in my thoughts and in my heart! i hope the lemons can be the road to gold...but for now keep that smile on your face and take your strength to make the best of it!

As for was creeping me out and it was all consuming...and that is why i don't have an active account since the beginning of may...and it feels loverly!!!!

Sending you gigantic BIG HUGS via the WEB!!!! :)

Anet said...

Thanks Tiff:) Hugs back at you!

Lisa said...

That really sucks Anet!!!!!! Why does it always happen when you need to have the heat on??? And celebrate birthdays and holidays??? I like Noah's idea of squeezing lemon juice into the eyes of life... or maybe a certain boss??!! Thinking of you.

Anet said...

Thanks Lisa... (((Hugs to you!)))