Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Okay... so I'm over the pity party and moving on. Getting our ducks in a row has made Brad and I a little more relaxed around here. Anyways, there are far greater problems flying around our circle than mine.  Just seems like the universe is a little out of sink lately. A day of hiding away, focusing on the house and family is just what I've needed.

For homeschooling we've been working on history...of course. Mostly local history, which has been pretty interesting. Like the man who caught John Wilkes Booth is buried up the road from us. Mark Twain visited a hotel here when the town was new. Al Capone spent a summer here hiding out. Oh yes,  we have the R.E. Olds from Oldsmobile buried up the road also.  Noah was really excited about Mark Twain and Al Capone.

We are now reading old folk tales from the French Traders of Mackinac.  About Were-Wolves, Will~o~The~Whips, Goblins/Lutins, Witches, ghosts and the Red Devil.  Pretty scary stuff! The book is called Were~Wolves and Will~o~The~Whisps French Tales of Mackinac Retold by Dirk Gringhuis.  It's pretty cool, because my family on my mom's side are French Canadian and we have traced our roots on that side and found a French Fur Trader in the family.  The next book we are going to read is Lore of the Great Turtle Indian Legends of Mackinac Retold by the same author.  More spooky tales from Noah's native family.  It's all good fun for Halloween. By the way he has informed me that this year he is staying home and passing out candy. Sure.... we'll see about that.

Sunday was our birthday. We went to see a manatee movie of Hotel Transylvania, it was pretty darn funny. Then we used a coupon for a Birthday dinner and Smokey Bones. A thrifty Birthday, but a good birthday! Noah was happy with one new video game. Such a sweet kid.  Also another homeschooling mom/friend stopped by the house with a huge frozen, organic turkey for us...What a blessing!

Autumn took me out on Saturday and spoiled me. We had lunch at Claras, with antique shopping. She bought me the sweetest watercolor painting.  We went back to her house and she surprised me with a chair massage from her friend Kandy.  Then we spent the rest of the afternoon rearranging her living room, playing a game of Mystery Date and sipping Hot Apple Carmel toddies.

An Aussie, just like my Ruby Roo.... I just love this painting! 

Autumn's living room... part of it.
Funny... I grew up and married the Bowler guy:)  

So Noah is now a teenager, 13. I just can't believe it... and I am.... old... I am now 50...sigh. Actually I"m taking it better than I thought I would. At least I'm admitting it.   Like the sign says; "Suck it up Buttercup!" 


Lisa said...

Happy Birthday you two!!!!!! Your days with Noah and Autumn sound great! You have the sweetest kids. Your history stuff sounds awesome! Miles(Binky) is studying US History this year. We have an ancestor, William H. Herndon, who was Abraham Lincoln's law partner from 1844 to 1865. History is so fascinating! Miles would be very into Al Capone, too!!

Tammy said...

I love posts like these! It sounds like you both had a great birthday. My oldest daughter, Emily, was totally into learning about Al Capone, too!

Also...I saw the video of your Ruby and son on fb, and for some reason or other I couldn't leave a comment. I wanted to tell you it gave me a good laugh. :)

Anet said...

Thanks Lisa:) That's really cool about your ancestor! Hoping all is well with you and yours!

Hi Tammy,
We did have a nice birthday, thanks:)

The old folks; my grandfather and great uncles had said that Al was a nice generous guy:) (they were Sicilian, so of course they'd say that.

Project Tara said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Buttercup! (And to Mr. Teen, too!) Sounds like you and Noah had a great celebration. Autumn always gives the most thoughtful gifts.
Are you tracing your family history through the web or at the library? I know some people who are into it and the things they find are amazing. Fur trappers... tough stock you come from, girlie! Sorry I'm late here. Catching up on blogs today.

Jessica said...

Happy birthday to you and Noah! Amazing you are sharing such monumental birthdays together:)Hope Noah had a good halloween.Its always fun to see how everyone goes all out over in the US:)