Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Life rolls on...

Hi Bloggy friends, 

I feel bad... totally neglecting my blog and visiting other blogs.  It's been one funky winter.  So I'm hoping to find renewed energy this spring and catch up with everyone.  That facebook, ugh. Need to stay away from that. Sucks up too much of my time. I also spend time on Pintrest, but enjoy that for the most part.   I'm missing my camera chord and have searched everywhere for it.  So I've been using that as my excuse for not blogging. Sure I have my iphone, but the photos are less than desirable for sure. So until I find that chord, I'll just show some lovely images that I've collected on Pintrest.

So life right now... I've had a little ulcer trouble, but am feeling better. Brad's still on lay-off, we try to keep positive. It's almost been six months now. But I'm proud of how we've held our heads above the water, tightened our belts and found help where we can.  He's number 2 on the union hall list meaning he is very close to getting hired somewhere.  He started out at 89 on the list in October. And let me tell you... it's been the longest six months ever

I'm excited that Brad has finally... sort of... agreed I can have some chickens. Although I've been thinking we may have to hold off on actually getting them until next year when we are in a better place financially and emotionally.   Maybe this summer we can work on getting the coop built for chickens next springIt will depend on how fast or not Brad returns to work.   

April 9th our homeschool classes start. We hold classes at the community center, which is just a few blocks from us (lucky us.)  I'm teaching two classes this term: Horrible History and The Life and Times of a Few Famous Authors.  I've been busy planning for my classes. Made a blog for each of them. Which is a wonderful tool for classes.  I can post homework, class projects, youtube videos, etc.  Works out really well.   Noah will be taking: Medieval Times, Itec; lego robotics, Authors, and I may have him help me out in the Horrible History class 

Ruby Roo is been a bit of a challenge lately. Yes, I'm really questioning if an Australia Shepard is a good choice for a city dog.  She's been a bit on the spazzy side lately. I don't know, perhaps it's just the winter and she hasn't been able to burn much energy lately.  Maybe its a stage she's going through.  She seems to think she's the only dog allowed to walk past our house; all others with be met with much barking and jumping at the door and windows... which led to the window being broken the other day.  She was fine, thank goodness no cut paws.   

Today Noah and I went on a walk with Ruby. It was so nice out that we just kept on walking and walking and soon I thought  "okay, we should turn around because we do need to walk back all the way."  It was nice to be outside for that long. We talked about many things, Ruby sniffed many new scents, we met a cute, fluffy puppy and of course we had to stop by the neighbor's yard and visit with the chickens.   Brad's out checking on some sidework... Yay. This is how we've managed to keep things afloat around here. But the past couple of weeks the side jobs have slowed way down making me a bit nervous.    

I'd like to leave you with a link from another homeschool family that's in our group.  She's trying to keep her small farm animals.  It's a battle with the township, we are hoping she'll win.  Send some positive energy her way~ 
Read all about Jessica, her family and the Sweet Pea Farm here.


Project Tara said...

Hey Blog Friend,

So nice to see you back on Whimsical Moon! And really glad to hear that Brad is so high on the list for steady work. I am sending good energy that an excellent offer comes through for him soon. Seems like the animals get spring fever too -- even my little Bebe has ants in her pants. Have fun learning about chickens and getting ready for their arrival. I imagine that part would be just as fun as having the chicks!

Anet said...

Thanks Tara, you're a peach:) it is fun learning all about raising backyard chickens. I have a Pintrest board full of tips, breeds, and coops. I hope we can get started this spring but I don't want to put all my eggs in one basket, if you know what I mean. I'm a bit worried about Ruby coexisting together with the chickens in the backyard, even if they are separated with a fence.

Lisa said...

Hi Anet!

So nice to see your post! I am sending positive energy to get Brad that phone call ASAP!!!! And I love the idea of using blogs as part of your classes!! Great idea!
have a great week

Anet said...

Thanks Lisa... I'm happy we found each other on Pintrest too:)

Anonymous said...
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