Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Blog, blog, bloggity blog...

So.... long time no see! What was my last post? Sometime in March? I've had a couple of sweet friends mention to me that they miss my blog... it's that the sweetest thing ever? Who'd of thought?  So... I'm going to try to post here and there.
  We've had a great summer, the hubby returned to work after a seven month layoff, yeah... that was tough. We've taken a few fun mini-vacations. I've painted 3 rooms, learned how to can and managed to can some pickles, I've been making loads of macrame' bracelets and I'm in the processes of starting up a little family business. Selling graphic tee shirts through Etsy and Facebook.  It's not up yet... I'd say at least mid-September before we are up and running.  Also this summer, I complained to the cemetery about the state of my parents grave site enough that they finally agreed to move them for me; happy to say that they are now in a lovely shady spot under a giant oak tree with no mud holes in sight! Now I can have a peaceful rest-of-my-life concerning that!

 Autumn is doing well in her business.... loads of fun there! Autumn Luciano Photography  
Caleb is slowly coming around. He started working yesterday at the gas station on my corner. And now has two graphic design clients! I'm so proud of him.  He's moving out sometime in the next week, just a few blocks away.  Pushing baby bird #2 out the nest!
 Noah is growing like a weed! Taller then me now, has his adam's apple going on. His voice is deeper and has a tiny mustache that he is so proud of.  He's getting all long and lanky like Caleb. My baby is growing up... what am I going to do?! 

Soon we'll be starting back at homeschooling. We've decided to try Oak Meadow online 8th grade, first semester. To see how it goes. It's nice you can buy one semester at a time. We will also be spending our Tuesdays at our homeschool group's co-op classes. I'll be teaching two classes this fall: Michigan Woods & Wildlife and Macrame' Jewelry. 

This crazy cool weather has me squirreling away food for the winter. Making freezer jams, freezing butter, cheese, zucchini and summer squash slices. I've stocked up on honey from the farmers market. We purchased 3 bundles of beef from the meat market. We are ready for winter! Oh and we had the exhaust pipe with the huge hole from the furnace and hot water heater replaced so we don't die this fall when it's time to turn the heat on!  Now... to get that window fixed that Ruby broke this spring.

Well, I'd better get moving on with the day. I'm expecting my new fridge and stove to be delivered in awhile! Exciting... but can you believe how sappy I am? I've been a little melancholy about getting rid of my 1970's stove that I've had forever. It doesn't even work very well, sigh...

Blessings and good health!


Gwen Buchanan said...

Loved hearing what's new Anet... and how your family is doing and growing... life never slows down too much does it?

Anet said...

Hey Gwen, so good to hear from you! Yes, life doesn't slow down... sometimes I really wish it would though. I think of you often:)

Project Tara said...

I'm so happy you are back! So many good things happening for you, Anet. Happy for that -- you deserve them!