Friday, April 20, 2012

April catch up...

Hi everyone, thought I'd do a quick catch up for April. 

My homeschool friends and I went to another Pysanky  Egg class. Yeah... I still suck at it. 

This is my egg... shaking hands and didn't cover with the wax well enough. 
The tray of eggs in the background are Josefa's (the teacher) "mistake eggs" wish I made mistakes like those. 

A friend working on her egg.

These two have been trouble makers... (notice Bella whispering evil plans into Jasper's ear.) 
Bella has been peeing on things lately and Jasper has been escaping out the door. Oh Spring is in the air! 

This morning...

I had a weird dream about Mickey Mouse pancakes a few nights ago. I even talked in my sleep about them. According to Brad; I said "Hey dummy, we can't even make Mickeymas  (should of been Micky Mouse) pancakes with out you creating a fireball!" My dream was, I was making Mickey Mouse shaped pancakes and Brad poured a bunch of oil into the pan.  A bubble of fire rose up in the pan and then popped... flames went everywhere! 

So today to prove to myself there would be no fireball when making Mickey pancakes, 
we made them; no fireballs!  
Well Brad wasn't home so... there could of been a fireball. 

After breakfast, we went for a walk with Ruby and then read this book of  Elements together. 
Noah has been studying them lately. We've started our Spring homeschool co-op classes. Noah is taking: Odyssey of the Minds, Gym and Drama. I'm teaching an Owl's class. Here's a link for a blog I made for my students     That's about all for our April's catch post.   ~Blessing to all! 


Sharon said...

I think your egg's beautiful!

Project Tara said...

I'm with Sharon... my first thought when I saw your egg was, "Wow, that's amazing!"

Sweet, naughty kitties. :-)

Project Tara said...

I noticed your new sidebar.

((Thank you))

Jessica said...

Your egg is wonderful, its a really pretty way of making easter eggs:)

Anet said...

Well thanks everyone:)

Tara, (((you are welcome)))