Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Nutty Over Soap Nuts...

I tried these Eco Nuts; a natural laundry soap that my nephew Sam recommended.  It's about $10 for 100 loads. I wasn't too sure when it arrived. Weird nuts are going to get our clothes clean?  You get five ounces of nuts which are dried berry shells from the Sapindus mukorossi (soapberry) tree and two reusable-cloth bags.  Fragrance free, certified USDA organic, hypoallergenic, biodegradable, non-toxic, and kills odors.  

You place 4 to 5 eco nuts into the cloth bag and tie shut. This will give you about 10 loads of wash. 
I'm keeping a notepad and pencil on the dryer to keep track of how many times I've used the bag. 

I was very skeptical at first; to say the least... but the clothes are very clean and fresh. Like they've been hung out to dry on a beautiful sunny day. I didn't use any fabric softener because I wanted to check out this nuts on their own. Our jeans are soft, tee shirt soft... everything looks great. They claim no softeners is needed and it's true!  I think I just maybe a little nutty for these little nuts.

Here's a link to where I purchased the Eco Nuts from:


Project Tara said...

You are the third person I've heard rave about these. Maybe I need to check them out.
Nutty Over Soap Nuts... is that like KooKoo for CocoPuffs? ;-)

Anet said...

exactly :)
I really am blown away by how clean and fresh the laundry is!

Tammy said...

I've also heard of these, so I bookmarked them! :) I'd be curious to know now that you've been using them for a bit if you still like them. And how many loads do you feel like one batch cleaned? Was it indeed 10 loads or did it end up being more or less?

Jessica said...

I have heard about how wonderful these are, and even know of a place that sells them down here, but do you think hubby (who does the laundry) will hear of it? Well maybe if I keep showing him all these stories of how great people think they are. Maybe!

Anet said...


My first bag... should of held up for 10 loads. But I'd say it was 8...on the other hand, I did only put in 4 of the nuts instead of 5 (directions are to put in 4 to 5.) I really like the fresh clean feeling from the soap nuts. It even did a great job on Brad's work clothes:)

Anet said...

Also, when the wash limit is met, you can add the nuts to the garden or the compost pile.

Anet said...


Good luck with convincing the hubby... nice that he does the laundry.

My husband chips in quiet a bit with the laundry. He thought the soap nuts were pretty cool once I showed him.